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AQ-Alert+ CO2 Air Quality Monitor

The AQ-Alert+ CO2 Air Quality Monitor is designed to monitor and control indoor air quality in the home, workplace, hotels and public areas resulting in benefits such as improved comfort and health.

Developed with flexibility in mind, the wall mounted AQ-Alert+ is a gas monitoring system capable of measuring carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. In addition to these two gases, the system can be fitted with sensors to measure temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity. The customer can choose any combination of these five sensing options depending on their needs.

A variety of audio, visual, analog, serial communications and relay outputs are available to choose from.

If the application requires it, SST can integrate other gas sensors (e.g. carbon monoxide) into the AQ-Alert+.

With appropriate configuration, the AQ-Alert+ can operate in three modes:

Stand alone – The AQ-Alert+ CO2 Air Quality Monitor, monitors the air quality and alerts the occupant when a change in room conditions occurs. This can be via “traffic light” LEDs or a buzzer.
Direct control – The AQ-Alert+ monitors the air quality and directly controls ventilation, heating or air conditioning equipment in order to maintain a preset range of room conditions. Direct control is achieved via relays or analogue outputs in the AQ-Alert+ CO2 Air Quality Monitor.
Integration into a building management system – The AQ-Alert+ sends air quality data to another system that controls ventilation, heating or air conditioning. Multiple units can be individually configured and used throughout an entire system. Data is transmitted via analog or serial communications outputs.


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