CO2S-W (Wide Range)

A low power NDIR sensor at only 3.5mW in continuous operation, with two CO2 measurements per second. A combination of extremely low power consumption and instantaneous warm-up answers directly to the growing demand for sensors which can be integrated into battery or self-powered wireless systems, allowing economical real time monitoring of CO2 concentration levels.
Ideally suited for battery operation and portable instruments within process control applications such as diving, industrial safety and automotive.

  • Measurement ranges of 0-5%, 0-20%, 0-60% and 0-100%
  • Minimal Power Up Time
  • Standard Digital Output
  • 3.3V supply, peak current only 33mA
  • Low power requirement 35mW
  • Flow through adaptor (optional)
  • Temperature and humidity sensing (optional)


  • Modified atmospheres
  • Indoor air quality/ventilation management e.g. classroom monitoring
  • Confined spaces e.g. Industrial plant rooms, cellars, gas stores, mining, cryogenics
  • Stowaway detection
  • Greenhouses
  • Landfill gas
  • Domestic boilers
  • Incubators