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SST's How to video gallery is where you can watch demonstrations and calibration videos across the full range of SST's liquid and gas sensing solutions.

Our how to video gallery has informative videos on chemical compatibility, Honeywell liquid level alternatives, calibration guides and how our Optical Liquid Level Sensors work

Liquid & Chemical Compatibility

We have done a bunch of testing to just to give you an idea of the kind of things you are looking out for when you do a chemical compatibility test.

Today I am going to speak to you about SST’s range of optical liquid level sensors and specifically about Chemical Compatibility.

Our plastic sensors, we have 2 plastics, polysulfone and Trogamid and these are both high grade engineering plastics.

Typically, when 1 plastic is not suitable for a chemical, the other one will be.

Honeywell Liquid Level Alternatives

Watch this video to see an overview of SST’s Liquid Level Sensors which can be used as an alternative to Honeywell’s, now obsolescent, Optical Liquid Level range of sensors

Honeywell’s Sensing business have manufactured Optical Liquid Level Sensors for many years.

Last year they announced the obsolescence of their Standard Temperature sensors.

And recently the announced the obsolescence of the High Temperature range.

How-to Calibrate a Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

Watch this video to see a short demonstration and how-to calibrate one of SST’s Zirconia Oxygen sensors.


Hi, today we are going to demonstrate one of our Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors.

And one of the interface boards and show you how simple it is to calibrate.

So, this is the sensor here. It is one of our probe mounted, screw fit probes. 

Which is design…Read more

How our Optical Liquid Level Sensors work

Watch this video to see a short demonstration of how SST’s Optical Liquid Level Sensors work.


Hi, I’m Paddy Shannon. Technical Director here at SST Sensing.

Today I’m just going to do a quick demonstration of our Optical Liquid Level Sensors

and just to show you how versatile they are.

Now, traditionally when you… Read more

How to set up SST’s LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensor

Watch this video to see a short demonstration and how-to set up one of SST’s LuminOx Oxygen sensors.


Hi, today I want to speak to you about SST Sensing’s Optical Oxygen Sensor, which we call LuminOx.

This is an example here.

We developed this sensor a few years ago because we believed there was a demand in the market for a non depleting and RoHs compliant sensor.

So the competiti…Read more

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