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SST’s IR-Based Liquid Level Switches Deliver Low Power Operation, Compact Design & Attractive Price Points

Drawing on its expertise in fluid sensor technology, SST Sensing Ltd. has developed the Optomax Digital series of liquid level switches. These highly cost-effective and simple-to-use devices have the capacity to detect almost any liquid type (whether it is oil or water based). Each unit incorporates an infra-red (IR) LED emitter, a phototransistor and a…

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Solid State Oxygen Sensors Simultaneously Address Cost, Power, Longevity & Ecological Demands

Recognised as a leading supplier of advanced gas and fluid sensor technology, SST Sensing Ltd. offers a comprehensive array of oxygen measurement devices. Complementing the company’s high performance Zirconia product offering, the LuminOx family uses proprietary solid state technology to deliver sensors with the cost effectiveness found in commonly-used electrochemical oxygen sensors, but with a…

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Discover How SST’s LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensor Compares to More Expensive Piccolo2 Sensor?

A customer of SST’s well known and reputable sales partners in the US, CO2 Meter Inc, was curious to know how the LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensor compares to a much more expensive oxygen sensor like the Piccolo2 sensor by PyroScience. CO2 Meter Inc are an engineering company based in Ormond Beach, Florida. They specialise in…

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SST Supports Local Karate Club with Sponsorship

SST Sensing recently shown support to their local community by backing Wado Kai Central Karate (W. K. C Karate) by sponsoring the club to help them achieve their ultimate goal in getting to the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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SST Introduces Screw-Fit Oxygen Sensor to Further Enhance User Convenience

SST Sensing Ltd., leading supplier of advanced gas and fluid sensing technology continues to expand its portfolio of high accuracy oxygen sensor devices. The Zirconia Screw Fit Housing option provides engineers with the basis for a simple to implement solution, where only the sensor head itself is exposed to the sample gas environment. All of…

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Compact Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Delivers over Prolonged Period

In order to meet the demands of modern oxygen monitoring applications, SST Sensing Ltd has developed the Miniature series of zirconia oxygen sensors. Supplied in a space saving 12mm diameter metal can, these 5-pin devices possess an array of attributes to maximize their effectiveness in applications where measuring oxygen levels in virtually any environment is…

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SST Sensing Ltd Win Ecommerce Exporter of the Year Award

SST Sensing Ltd attended the HSBC Scottish Export Awards held at the Glasgow Hilton on Wednesday 23 March. Exporting and International Trade remain high on the Scottish Government’s economic growth agenda and these awards were about recognising the excellence in those emerging, wealth creating companies that are selling their products, services and expertise on a…

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SST Sensing to Attend Sensor + Test 2016

SST Sensing will be once again exhibiting at Sensor + Test 2016 Measurement Fair which will take place between 10-12th of May in Nurnberg, Germany. Worldwide, there is no comparable platform which offers such an intensive innovation dialog between suppliers of sensors, measuring and testing technology and users from all major industries. Before, we used…

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SST Launch GASTRACK Brand Concept to Market

The concept is simple, we don’t decide how our products work, you do. Our modular design allows us to quickly build a system to meet your needs. Our current building block modules include; Enclosures: To suit your application, including in-process, area monitoring and flue or ventilation control Gas sensors: Manufactured by SST or other sensor suppliers Power…

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Sensor + Test Success for SST

2014 was such a success exhibiting at Sensor + Test for SST, we decided to do it all over again this year.  Our Sales and Technical team arrived back from Nuremberg at the end of last week with a bunch of new and exciting leads from potential customers across a variety of industries and markets….

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