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SST continue to support Wado Kai Central Karate

Wado Kai Central Karate have had a great start to the 2017 season kicking off with Josh Burns being selected for the Scottish All Style Team and headed off to Bulgaria. Josh had an impressive performance for his first All Style European Championship. Josh is home and as determined as ever to try again next…

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SST is Delighted to Announce Sponsorship with Scotland’s 13 year old Basketball Star, Ella Doherty

Ella started playing basketball when she was 8 years old with the local basketball club, Kinross Cavaliers. At age 10 she was selected to play for the Scotland under 12 girls team and travelled to Andorra to participate in an international tournament. Returning to Andorra for the next 2 years to proudly compete for her…

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Advanced Liquid Sensor Devices from SST Prove Pivotal in Protecting Telecom Equipment

With a large proportion of telecom infrastructure being located outdoors, it will regularly be exposed to adverse weather conditions. The threat of rainwater ingress is something that telecom companies need to safeguard against, as the damage that ensues can have dire consequences – resulting in prolonged service interruptions and costly repair work. Carrying out systematic…

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Extensive Oxygen Sensing Portfolio from SST Addresses Challenges of Transporting Perishable Goods

In order to lengthen their storage life, (Perishable Goods) such as fruit and vegetables are often transported inside refrigerated containers where a controlled atmosphere (with reduced oxygen content) has been applied. Instrumental in maintaining this is the acquisition of accurate data concerning the oxygen levels present on an ongoing basis. As a recognized specialist in…

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SST Supports Local Karate Club at Danish Open & East Whitburn championships

As most of you are aware, SST sponsor Wado Kai Central Karate Club, a local Karate club based in Holytown. Last weekend 6 of their members went to Denmark for the Danish Open. This was the second year the team had been part of the competition. Last year they all got a little stage fright…

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SST is Delighted to Announce Sponsorship with Recently Crowned Winner of Top Scottish Rally Championship Award, Andy Struthers

In 2015 and 2016, Andy won the RSAC Motorsport New Talent Scholarship, competed in the Ecosse C2 Challenge and also the ARRCraib SRC championship which involved the build of his Citroen C2, which is now the car he uses in all of his rally competitions. In 2015 Andy won class one of the ARRCraib SRC…

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SST & Sparkfun Collaborate on Arduino-Based Liquid Level Sensing Hardware

In order to address the vibrant and constantly expanding maker market, SST Sensing Ltd. has partnered up with Sparkfun. Together they have developed and simple to implement solution for single point liquid detection using infra-red technology. This highly reliable and accurate solution comprises an Optomax Digital liquid level switch which is connected to an Arduino…

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SST’s IR-Based Liquid Level Switches Deliver Low Power Operation, Compact Design & Attractive Price Points

Drawing on its expertise in fluid sensor technology, SST Sensing Ltd. has developed the Optomax Digital series of liquid level switches. These highly cost-effective and simple-to-use devices have the capacity to detect almost any liquid type (whether it is oil or water based). Each unit incorporates an infra-red (IR) LED emitter, a phototransistor and a…

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Solid State Oxygen Sensors Simultaneously Address Cost, Power, Longevity & Ecological Demands

Recognised as a leading supplier of advanced gas and fluid sensor technology, SST Sensing Ltd. offers a comprehensive array of oxygen measurement devices. Complementing the company’s high performance Zirconia product offering, the LuminOx family uses proprietary solid state technology to deliver sensors with the cost effectiveness found in commonly-used electrochemical oxygen sensors, but with a…

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Discover How SST’s LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensor Compares to More Expensive Piccolo2 Sensor?

A customer of SST’s well known and reputable sales partners in the US, CO2 Meter Inc, was curious to know how the LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensor compares to a much more expensive oxygen sensor like the Piccolo2 sensor by PyroScience. CO2 Meter Inc are an engineering company based in Ormond Beach, Florida. They specialise in…

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