Controlled Atmosphere Monitoring

Controlled or modified atmospheres can considerably increase the storage life of certain fruit and vegetable cargoes. Slowing down their metabolic rate delays the natural ripening of the produce without effecting its flavour and eating quality. SST’s OXY-COMM Oxygen Sensor is designed to prolong the life of perishable food within refrigerated, controlled and modified atmospheres by accurately measuring the oxygen concentration.

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Leak Detection in Telecommunication Enclosures

In many applications it is critical to know the presence or absence of liquid. An early indication helps to prevent the loss of critical fluids, damage to equipment, costly service interruption and system downtime. Thousands of applications are at risk of fluid ingress causing detrimental effects to their systems or services. An industry proven solution to these problems is SST’s affordable range of leak detection liquid level switches that prevent the high cost of leaking liquids.

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Boiler Combustion Efficiency

SST’s zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors can help customers optimise their boiler combustion efficiency within the oil, coal, gas and biomass boiler market. The oxygen to fuel ratio effects boiler efficiency. Too little oxygen results in incomplete combustion creating harmful emissions. Setting the boiler to burn with excess oxygen is the normal solution to reducing emissions.

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On-Board Inert Gas Generation Systems

SST’s highly reliable zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors are at the very heart of the control of the inerting systems known as OBIGGS (On-Board Inert Gas Generation Systems) in Boeing, Airbus and many other civilian aircraft.

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Marine Inerting Systems

SST initiated communication between inert gas system manufacturers for the marine industry, as they use a similar process to OBIGGS (On-Board Inert Gas Generation Systems), in order to keep the atmosphere within non-explosive limits. To do this, it is necessary to check and control the oxygen and hydrocarbon gas content in the fuel and cargo tanks using SST’s highly reliable zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors.

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Tank or Vessel Level Control Monitoring

In Level Control And Detection Applications, The Liquid Level Of A Tank Or Vessel Will Vary At A Continuous Pace Over A Period Of Time. In Order To Know When Failure Occurs Or When The Level Goes Dangerously High Or Low, It Is Critical To Have A Level Control Monitoring Solution In Place To Prevent Expensive Damage, Flooding Or Run Dry Situations.

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Protecting Robotic Process Automation Systems

Industrial robotic systems are hugely expensive to install so it is crucial that they are operated and maintained correctly – any “down-time” can be costly! Oil within system is used to lubricate the joints and gears and prevent overheating, misalignment, and bearing wear. If this oil leaks during operation, it could contaminate the surrounding environment, damage production and affect machine performance. Immediate detection of when an oil level is low is therefore critical to avoid costly expense.

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