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Miniature Oxygen Sensor – O2S-T3


Flange Zirconia Oxygen Sensor
  • Compact size
  • 4 or 5 pin termination
  • PCB mountable or wire crimp to pins


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Heater voltage
    Operating 4.35Vdc +/- 0.1Vdc (1.85A)
    Standby 2Vdc (0.85A)
Pump impedance at 700°C < 6kΩ
Permissible gas temperature Standard:-100 to +250°C or
Extended:-100 to +400°C
Gas flow rate 0-10 m/s
Repetitive permissible acceleration 5g
Incidental permissible acceleration 30g


Oxygen pressure range 2 mbar-3bar max.
Accuracy 5 mbar max.
Internal operational temp 700°C
Response time (10-90% step) < 4s
Warm up time (prior to sensor operation) 60s
Warm up time (from standby) 20s
Output stabilisation time ~ 180s


Pin Version

Wire version


4 pin 5 pin Wire Designation
P P 1: Red Pump
C C 2: Black Common
H H1 3: Yellow Heater (+)
S S 4: Blue Sense
F H2 5: Yellow Heater (-)


  • Zirconium dioxide technology
  • Requires remote electronics to operate
  • Small sensing element
  • Low weight
  • Integral heating element
  • All stainless steel construction both internally and externally
  • Customer specific designs and connectors
  • Works at high oxygen presssures
  • Compact in size


  • Long life, non-depleting technology
  • No reference gas required creating the ability to measure a wide oxygen range
  • No need for temperature stabilisation
  • Linear output signal
  • Can be used in high pressure and temperature environments
  • Simple recalibration if/when required
  • Full technical and application support available
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