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High Performance – LLHPA621D5


LLHP Series
  • Robust steel housing
  • Agressive enviroments
  • Larger mounting thread; standard or custom



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Supply Voltages (Vs) 4.5 to 15.4Vdc
or 10 to 45Vdc
Supply Currents (Is) 15mA max. (Vs = 4.5 to 15.4Vdc)
or 35mA max. (Vs = 10 to 45Vdc)
Output Sink and Source Currents (Iout) 100mA (4.5 to 15.4Vdc)
or 800mA (10 to 45Vdc)
Operating Temperatures Standard: -25 to +80°C
or Extended: -40 to +125°C
Storage Temperatures Standard: -30 to +85°C
or Extended: -40 to +125°C
Housing Material Stainless steel with Polysulfone tip
Sensor Terminations Various, refer to datasheet
Operating Pressure 0 to 25 bar



Output Voltage (Vout): Iout = 100mA
Vs = 4.5 to 15.4Vdc
Output High Vout = Vs – 1.5V max
Output Low Vout = 0V + 0.5V max
Output Voltage (Vout): Iout = 800mA
Vs = 10 to 45Vdc
Output High Vout = Vs – 1.8V max
Output Low Vout = 0V + 0.7V max


Flying Leads/Cables

Wire Designation
Red Vs
Green/White Output*
Blue/Black 0V

*See part numbering guide for output type and logic


ce-mark-2 rohs-icon-2


  • Designed for applications requiring a robust metal housing and larger threads for external mounting
  • Reverse polarity, ESD and transient over-voltage protected
  • Wide supply voltage ranges
  • N and P type output configurations, capable of sinking or sourcing up to 800mA, can directly drive loads
  • Standard and extended temperature ranges available
  • Stainless steel housing with Polysulfone sensing tip
  • Choice of terminations
  • High operating pressure


  • Solid state so no moving parts to cause unreliability
  • Fast response time
  • Repeatable switching point
  • Built-in output delays available on request for applications where sloshing causes intermittent switching
  • Very robust construction permitting use in a wide range of demanding applications
  • Compatible with most fluids and chemicals


Liquid sensing 001_450

When in air the infrared light is reflected back to the detector


Liquid sensing 002_450

When in liquid the infrared light is refracted and the output switches

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.