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SST zirconia sensor interface boards remove the need for customers to implement their own control electronics within the application. These boards provide a high accuracy and linear output over a variety of output communication options. Both board types can allow for the capability of manual or automatic calibration.

The O2I-Flex is a flexible, all-in-one solution, necessary to power and control SST’s range of dynamic zirconia oxygen sensors. It provides a selectable Oxygen measuring range and can provide simultaneous analogue and RS232 output signals. The O2I-Flex is a good starting point for an initial test setup. After testing, most setups can translate into a fixed OXY-LC sensor and board combination. Allowing the user to take advantage of the advanced operation settings (sensor diagnostics, standby mode and built in barometric pressure compensation).

The OXY-LC Interface boards are a family of boards with fixed settings and advanced operational features. Allowing a simple plug and play approach for customers who know exactly what they need.

Part Number


OXY-LC (analogue)

OXY-LC (RS485)

Oxygen Range

selectable for 0.1-25% and 0.1-100%

fixed for 0.1-25% OR 0.1-100%

selectable for 0.1-25% and 0.1-100%

Supply Voltage




Output Signal

0-10V, 4-20mA AND RS232

fixed for 0-10V OR 4-20mA


Advantages Selectable Oxygen Range ● Multiple Outputs ● Adjustable heater voltage (allows extended sensor cable length) ● Only board option with RS232 output Barometric pressure compensation ● Advanced Sensor diagnostics via a PWM signal ● Simple set up, ready to use system (see front page of datasheet for more detail on benefits) Complete control of sensor operation ● Access to advanced sensor diagnostics and other readings ● Barometric pressure compensation ● Standby mode available ● Simple set up, ready to use system (see front page of datasheet for more detail on benefits)
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